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Every session at the Distillery School is led by one of our category experts, all of whom honed their skills over years working in the drinks trade. They’ll make sure you’re entertained with fascinating tales of booze, bootlegging and bravery while delving deep into the intricacies of your chosen spirit.


James Duff

Head of Distillery School

James has over a decade of experience in the drinks industry, having started his career in hospitality as part-time bar staff and very quickly developed a passion for training and education. He’s managed and trained teams across some of the UK’s most specialist bars, as well as curated countless tastings and experiences designed to both entertain and inform. As a WSET Certified Spirits Educator, he brings a wealth of knowledge across many spirit categories to The Whisky Exchange, which he’s keen to share with our Distillery School guests while giving them an unforgettable experience.


Jack Lark

Distillery School Assistant

Hailing from Tasmania, Australia, Jack grew up surrounded by the whisky and gin industry. He spent his school holidays bottling whisky and polishing stills for Lark Distillery which at the time was owned by his parents, Lyn and Bill Lark. At the age of 18, Jack started working for Old Kempton Distillery as a whisky distiller and tour guide before setting up and managing a brand-new site in Hobart called Battery Point Distillery for four years before moving to London to study musical theatre. He even co-owns and manages (from a distance) a small distillery back in Tasmania called Local Absinthe. Jack is thrilled to be working at the London Bridge Distillery School where he can help people grow their knowledge and passion for distilled spirits.

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